Currently-Reading Update [August 2017]

Soooo it’s going to be impossible for me to put up a review on Monday due to Life Reasons. However I was doing so well! (Two in a row!) Didn’t want to jinx it so this is going up instead, and I’ll try to be back to the regular ‘schedule’ by next week. So.

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Dubliners (James Joyce) 
The famous collection of fifteen short stories, all set (naturally) in and around Dublin. I’m around halfway through it now, finding it fairly interesting, and while I’m not blown away by it so far I’m sure eventually I will be required to plod my way through Ulysses so I’m considering this a starter-pack.
Although I should say I’m finding it more interesting than I thought I would; that is, I’m learning to gauge a lot more meaning from Joyce’s prose than I previously did when I studied parts of this in school.

Macbeth (Hah)
Now this is in fact for college, and I’m already done with it, I’m just spending a lot of time studying it intensely which is fun (not really).
To cut it short, there’s not much I can say about Shakespeare on the internet which hasn’t already been said.

We Need To Talk About Kevin (Lionel Shriver) 
I am actually really excited to get through this, I’ve only made it through a chapter or two and then consciously made myself stop, because I’m Saving It. As in, there are far too many books lying around unread and I want to get to some of those first. What little I’ve read of this, though, I’ve found really engaging. It’s told from the point of view of a mother whose son perpetrated a school shooting.
So it might be a while before I get around to actually finishing it, but maybe I’ll write a review when I do.

In non-book related news, I’ve finished watching all of Gilmore Girls (revival included) and I really miss not having new episodes to watch. I hardly ever watch things that aren’t Youtube videos so this kind of thing is a shock to my system. In any case, I’ve been kind of languishing in boredom without it (I know there are tons of TV shows out there to watch, I’m just really lazy). I might, in fact, die of boredom, and then someone will have to pry two editions of Macbeth and my half-a-copy of notes from my cold dead hands (I really want test season to be over). See you next week, I hope.

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